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For whom?

For business owners, those responsible for managing organizations and resources Human Resources, HR and People & Culture representatives.

Wondering how to make your and your employees’ work more effective thanks to a culture of neurodiversity?

You’re in the right place.

The topic of neurodiversity today is rife with myths and half-truths. The deficit of credible sources of information and the lack of support in expanding knowledge about such an important issue pose a challenge to all of us.

That’s why the Atypika foundation is boldly and thoughtfully spearheading
initiatives to increasing awareness and understanding of neurodiversity.

We believe in the meaning of training and the power of sharing knowledge, not just a set of information.That’s why we offer a plan for specialized training developed by experts, supported by scientific, reliable knowledge. And above all, giving answers to questions that are bothering you.

Learn about some of the training topics developed by the Atypika foundation:

  1. Introduction to neurodiversity.
  2. Neurodiversity in the workplace.
  3. Neurodiversity and inclusive HR processes.
  4. Managing a neurodiverse team from the perspective of a manager’s position.
  5. The impact of space on the health and quality of work of neurodivergent people.
  6. Does the labor code protect neurodivergent persons from workplace discrimination.


training mode:
Training can take place online, onsite or hybrid.

The duration of each depends on the needs of our clients.

guiding languages:
Languages in which training may be conducted: Polish, English, German.

Do you want to expand your knowledge with experts?
Know how to take care of neurodivergent people in your company?
Or do you have more questions, other needs and issues to address?

Let’s talk about them.
Feel free to contact us:

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