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E-book “Neurodiversity in the Workplace” is an extremely valuable resource that emphasizes the importance of inclusion and diversity in today’s work environment. A topic that is becoming increasingly popular, popular and yet not always properly understood. Created by leading specialists, academics, self advocates in the field of neurodiversity, the e-book contains practical advice, case studies and tools to help you understand how to effectively manage diversity in your team and discover the full potential of every employee and staff member.

At the Atypika foundation, we believe that the time has come for neurodivergent people to become an integral part of society. Without taboos and shame, self-censorship and stigma.

We are convinced that as a society we can only achieve this goal by working at the grassroots. Work in which the first step is action to free neurodiversity from the myths and information chaos that have grown up around it. The second step is consistent action, based on reliable knowledge in three areas: science, business and design.

We are here to provide you with a space that inspires critical thinking about
neurodiversity and mobilizes constructive action.

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