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Aneta Dziedzic

Aneta Dziedzic is a distinguished professional with a solid background in Quality Management and Commodity Science from the University of Economics in Krakow. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Aneta has spent the last 12 years heading the Project Management Office at the Global Delivery Center of HCLTech, a global tech company.

Driven by her passion for positive change, Aneta actively supports the neurodiversity movement. She collaborates with various NGOs to lay the foundation for neuroinclusivity in the workplace. Her expertise in change management fosters team engagement, and she champions projects that empower women and employees in parental roles.

Aneta’s commitment extends beyond the corporate world. She participates in corporate volunteering initiatives, focusing on digital transformation and neurodiversity. As a former Partnership Manager at the Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) Foundation, Aneta promoted the organization’s mission and forged strategic partnerships.

Aneta’s influence reaches even further. As an Ambassador for Singularity University, she advocates for innovative solutions and digital transformation. Currently, Aneta shares her knowledge and experience as a lecturer and manager of postgraduate studies on Neurodiversity in the Workplace by our foundation at SWPS in Warsaw.

Her dedication and determination make Aneta not only a leader in her field but also an inspiration to others striving for positive changes in business and social communities.

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