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For whom?

For postgraduate students, academics, employers and all those who want to expand and develop their knowledge in an informed manner.

As of late, the topic has been an extremely catchy and popular one. A subject whose seriousness and complexity are increasingly subject to misunderstanding, misconceptions and simplifications.

In light of the information overload, it becomes crucial to obtain knowledge
from reliable, credible and verified sources.

Therefore, as the Atypika foundation, we want to set new standards.
New because:

  • we co-create and are the authors of the first in Poland and innovative on the international scale postgraduate course on neurodiversity at work;
  • We focus on developing research tools and methodologies to support, diagnosing and promoting the inclusion of neurodivergent people in various areas of life;
  • Being a major partner of SWPS University, we collaborate exclusively with the best specialists, scientists and experts.

SWPS is the first non-public university in Poland created to make a difference through education, science, art and public activities to serve humanity first and foremost.
A place that conciously helps spread the idea of neurodiversity in society.

You too can be a part of it.
Learn more about our offer.

Check out the courses and postgraduate programs initiated by the Atypika foundation:

This is the first study of its kind in Poland and pioneered internationally
postgraduate. They focus on: diversity management, inclusive recruitment and
Building a culture of inclusion for neuroatypical people.

The postgraduate program “Neurodiversity in the Workplace” was created with the idea in mind to supporting employers and employees in building more inclusive teams.

The aim of these studies is not only to increase awareness of neurodivergent
persons, but also to provide practical tools and strategies that will enable their
effective integration into professional life.

2. Neuro – Inclusive Common Space

This is a unique program at the School of Form, Poland’s leading Design Academy, which combines the art of design with knowledge from the humanities and social sciences.

It’s a place where innovation goes hand in hand with social consciousness, and
creativity meets concern for the future of our planet.

Here all classes, including theoretical ones, are open workshops, where
discussions, experiments and practical exercises are an integral part of the
learning process.

As they write about themselves, the School of Form’s approach to learning is based on creative thinking that not only inspires innovative solutions, but also takes into account global challenges and social needs.

Do you want to be able to build an inclusive culture in your workplace?
Do you desire to gain knowledge from pioneers in your field?

We warmly invite you to contact us.
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