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Lots and even more neuroinclusivity throughout the city. Marta Wierusz’s new look at the urban planning revolution

The conference “Co-mobility. Towards sustainable mobility” is behind us.
At the Copernicus Science Center, the topic of neuroinclusive cities was discussed with extraordinary dedication. In a very interesting discussion, Atypika was represented by Marta Wierusz, a specialist in neuroinclusive design.

Neurodiversity in the design of urban spaces

In her presentation she not only focused on the current state of affairs, but also outlined a fascinating vision of the future. A tomorrow in which cities will be more open and accessible to all. Regardless of individual and diverse needs.Her deep, because professional, academic and personal understanding of the issues of neurodiversity, combined with an unparalleled passion for urban planning, made it possible to create a constructive discussion. Considerations that have shed new light on the existing challenges of creating more inclusive urban spaces.

Sensory city

Marta stressed that a neuroinclusive city is a place that involves atypical people in the design and decision-making process of the city. It is a space that respects the diversity of the condition of its users and responds with adequate solutions to their needs.The following discussion highlighted the importance of sensory comfort in urban space. Discussions on the introduction of quiet public transportation, logical and legible signage in the city, accessibility, safety and hygiene of public toilets, and taking care of green areas that allow people to find respite in the urban hustle and bustle, became an inspiring starting point for thinking about an ecosystem of solutions that positively affect the mental comfort of all residents.

The road to a better future

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful Martha and everyone who attended and organized this inspiring meeting.

For the fruitful exchange of insights, only constructive discussions and inspiring conclusions, special thanks go to: AnnaNicinska, Katarzyna Archanowicz-Kudelska, JaroslawGorski, JoannaRachubik.

Guided by the idea of neuro-inclusive cities, we aim to continue working on projects that take into account both the full spectrum of needs and opportunities of every resident.

It is precisely such meetings and recommendations that our cities need in order to become inclusive spaces.

See you on future projects!

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